Reputation Management Washington DC

How to Determine Your Online Reputation Using Reputation Management


Reputation Management Washington DCTo consider the effectiveness of reputation management, Washington DC businesses owners should understand the basics of what the term means and how it can enhance optimal growth. Matador Solutions has been fine-tuning the process of reputation management for a number of professionals including doctors, lawyers and dentists.  With a solid, results-proven strategy, our reputation management team has enabled the online web success of many companies.


What is Reputation Management?


In a nutshell, reputation management Washington DC agencies implement is the process of controlling what comes up when someone searches for their name. Is it positive, negative or neutral? Perhaps nothing comes up at all, then what? Or, maybe competitors are ahead, and your business is lingering on page 5 of search results. In Washington DC, reputation management companies will help evaluate your business to see where it stands in terms of reputation. More importantly, they may help you to establish the solid, positive online reputation you need to grow and prosper.


A Quick Diagnosis of Your Business’s Online Reputation


Reputation management Washington DC business owners can depend on can be absolutely essential. However, there is a quick way to evaluate your current standing on the web to see if you’re in need of expert assistance; just follow these steps:


First: Sign out of your Google account to prevent a personalized local search, which could alter the intended results.

Second: Google your business (ex: The Best Lawyers Law Firm). Make sure you search for the name that people use. For example, if there is an ampersand in the name, you should include it. In addition, search for variations of that name or common misspellings (ex: The Best Lawyer Law Firm, The Best Attorney Law Firm, etc).

Third: Evaluate your current online reputation. When it comes to online reputation management Washington DC entrepreneurs may find the third step slightly overwhelming, because it can become quite in-depth. For the sake of this article, we’ll keep it simple and to the point: using the first page of the search results, determine the category, or categories, your reputation falls into.


Determining Your Reputation “Category”


The Negative Category: This is the most challenging category for an agency handling reputation management in Washington DC to tackle. You may have not done anything wrong, but may have had at least one person share, tag, or write about you in a falsely negative manner. Sometimes this is merely “trolling”, but it can impact your company.

The Irrelevant Category: You may discover results that are about you, but they are more or less neutral. They may be outdated, irrelevant or have nothing to do with who you are. For example, let’s say you own a law firm, but the search results show a local news article about a triathlon you competed in 2 years ago. If you’re in Washington DC, reputation management should promote your relevant content and move the irrelevant results to the side.

The “Not Me” Category: If your results are pulling people who have the same name, and you are nowhere to be found, you will likely need help with your reputation management. Washington DC  reputation management agencies may help to reformulate the first impressions of who your searchers think you are. In doing so, you eliminate the potential for negative results about you that are meant for someone else.

The Positive Category: This is the best category to fall into, and means that your online reputation is positive and rich in well-branded content. If you’re not yet in this category, don’t worry: with some of the top reputation management Washington DC has to offer, we want to help you to get there, and stay there. Contact Matador Solutions now to find out how to garner positive, long lasting reputation management Washington DC businesses deserve at 888-413-9982.


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