Why You Need a Kickstarter Consultant

Kickstarter ConsultantYou may have a great idea for a product and are convinced it will sell itself; but if you’re missing even a few key marketing components, it can be like your idea never existed. With the help of a skilled consultant, your chances for success are that much greater. We have assisted many entrepreneurs develop successful campaigns and we may be able to help you too. At Matador Solutions, we provide free first-time consultations after which we will let you know if we might be a good fit for promoting your project through Kickstarter. Call us at to schedule a free phone conversation with one of our specialists.

Popular Kickstarter Campaigns

A successful Kickstarter campaign can focus on almost anything. In fact, Kickstarter has several categories:

  •         Design and Technology
  •         Arts
  •         Games
  •         Food and Crafts
  •         Publishing
  •         Comics and Illustration
  •         Music
  •         Film

What makes a Kickstarter campaign successful isn’t necessarily the category, but rather the product itself and how it’s presented to potential backers. That’s where Matador Solutions comes in. Our experienced team can offer an objective and professional perspective as to the strengths of your project, and how it might achieve its financial goals.

The Role of a Kickstarter Consultant

Kickstarter campaigns require an enormous amount of time, energy and dedication. While you’re focused on the hustle required for growing the business side of your new product, a consultant can take on the labor and challenges require of a successful crowdfunding campaign. We’ve developed the skills necessary for a successful campaign from our years of digital marketing experience. We can review your project to see if it’s viable, as well as make and implement suggestions to help clarify and define it so that it has the best chance for success.

Identifying Your Backers

Though you may have the greatest idea of all time for a product, you will have difficulty of finishing it and getting it to market without backers. Determining who those backers are, and then getting their attention, and eventually their financial donations, is rarely an easy task. Your Matador Solutions consultant can do the following for you:

  •         Help source your core group of potential backers
  •         Help develop/hone a compelling video to meet your crowdfunding needs
  •         Offer insight into how to best work with a crowdfunding algorithm
  •         Monitor the campaign’s progress and reacting as necessary to maximize success.

Matador Solutions: Your Source for Success

Do you have a product for which you would like to raise funds through Kickstarter? We can help you. Call us today for a free consultation with a skilled Kickstarter consultant from Matador Solutions.


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