Online Reputation For Doctors

Online Reputation Management for Doctors

Los Angeles Marketing for Doctors | Los Angeles SEO CompanyIf you’re a doctor struggling with your online reputation, you are probably wondering how doctor’s can get better reviews online. The Internet is a vast, ever-changing landscape that can be hard to keep up with, especially when trying to keep your online reputation respectable. One moment you’ve got five stars on your Yelp reviews, the next you have tanked to a measly two stars. This kind of instability with your online reputation is frustrating to say the least. More importantly it can be hard to recover from, and even harder to control. Online reviews, in all their unpredictability, can help or hurt your practice. It is up to you to take control of how your patients affect your business. Researching how doctors can get better reviews online can produced endless strategies including trying to get the reviews removed, or spending hours responding to angry reviews with the hopes of changing the review and the outcome of the patients experience with little to no outcome. Although responding to both negative and positive reviews online should absolutely be a practice of your office, it does not always yield results or change.

One of the most fruitful ways to control your online reputation is from the very beginning. Taking control of your online reputation should start from the moment your patient calls to make an appointment, and last for as long as that person is an active patient. This can seem overwhelming and perhaps unnecessary, but being able to keep an open dialogue with your patients from beginning to end will always prove more effective and valuable than leaving the fate of your reviews in the hands of an unsatisfied patient. There are many steps to take when implementing a strategy that shows how doctors can get better reviews online. First, making sure your staff is going above and beyond for your patients is key. If a patient calls to make an appointment, and then sits on hold for two minutes, that patient has already been left with a feeling of neglect. Make sure your staff is aware of your policy that phones must be answered, clients must not be kept on hold and most importantly the patient must always be spoken to with respect even when they are not being respectful. Second, having an open dialogue with your patient during their consultation is very important. A patient is much more likely to feel as if they are being taken care of when they are asked how they feel about their experience in your office. Taking a few minutes to ask them before they leave will result in a lasting impression. Lastly and most important, facilitating your own acquisition of reviews in the office will allow you to promote positive reviews that your staff can post online on the patients behalf. This practice can be powerful, considering your patients see that you care what they think, as well as the ability to sort-through negative reviews and fix the problem before it ends up on the internet. Wondering how doctors can get better reviews online doesn’t have to be an impossible pursuit when you take control from the beginning, and ask your patients to tell you directly for better or worse.



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