Online Marketing and Reputation Management for Entertainers & Artists

To be competitive today, singers, actors, writers, producers, filmmakers all need high quality online marketing and effective optimization on the web. Reputation is everything; probably more so in the entertainment industry than elsewhere because the competition is so fierce and the line between success and failure so thin.

While you focus on your social media, honing your talents and skills, developing your projects, let us focus on getting you seen—first. We work along with your other promotional efforts to improve your online marketing and ensure that you have maximum optimization on the web within the entertainment industry.  

What is our goal? To have your name pop up on the first page of a Google search.  Studies show that most searchers do not look past pages 1 or 2 of Google. You may be very talented—more talented than others—but if you can’t be found then that is just it, you can’t be found, contacted hired, etc…  The entertainment industry, which used to be run my big studios and companies, has changed and continues to change at breakneck pace, Matador Solutions, keeps in step with these changes affording you, through its powerful online marketing and optimization for those in the entertainment industry, access to outlets for marketing that previously did not exist.

Matador Solutions offers services at every price point, for every budget—even for the starving actress and writer! For many reasons, the Matador Solutions client is not one who has all-the-time access to mainstream media outlets, rather, we seek to help those who find themselves somewhat cut-off from such exposure but no less deserving (and, in many cases, we like to think, even more deserving). If you want to improve your online marketing and optimize your web presence, please give us a call.  We can design a package specifically for you—one that meets your needs, fits your budget and achieves the mutual goal of providing excellent online marketing and optimization your web presence.  Believe us when we say that we want to see you walk that red carpet as much as you do! Oh, and the first consultation is free. Now you won’t be the only one working in Hollywood for free—give us a call.


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