How to Find a Crowdfunding Consultant Who Can Make a Difference

Crowdfunding ConsultantAre you considering starting a fundraising campaign through Kickstarter or a similar platform? A crowdfunding consultant from Matador Solutions can help you make your fundraiser a success. You may only have one chance to meet your fundraising goals, and a crowdfunding consultant can greatly increase your likelihood of success. Success is not only important in the achievement of your projects, but failure may mean that you may lose the confidence of any prospective donors if you were to run subsequent campaigns. Here are five tips for finding the right crowdfunding consultant for your project:

  1. The crowdfunding consultant should be very familiar with digital marketing using social media platforms. In addition to the chosen fundraising platform such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, or Indiegogo, the consultant should be fluent with online analysis tools that allow them to track trends and topics related to your project. Ask them how often they review the campaign’s success and how often they will update you with information and progress.
  2. The crowdfunding consultant should have a strong network of followers. Ask them what their strategy will be in order to sell your project and raise the minimum amount of funds before the deadline expires. Also ask to see their social media accounts and number of followers whether it’s:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram and others
  1. The crowdfunding consultant should have strong relationships with the media. They should be aware of which media forms will be most appropriate for your project, and those who are most likely to pledge donations. If they can arrange for free press for your project through newspapers, magazines, radio, press releases, television interviews, then more people will learn about your project and possibly donate.
  2. The crowdfunding consultant should work with you to develop the right compensation package. As with any other type of consultant, fees vary in amount and terms. Some will charge upfront fees, others will charge a percentage of the amount of funds that are raised, and another may charge a hybrid of these two methods. At Matador Solutions, we work with creators to develop a fee structure that makes sense for everyone.
  3. The crowdfunding consultant should get as excited about your project or product as you are. They should take a deep interest in your story and what drives your passion. For a good consultant, this buy in can be the make or break for helping develop a campaign that works, so you want to be sure your consultant is as focused and excited as you are. At Matador Solutions, we pride ourselves in our passion for innovation, and are inspired daily by creators and the projects they dream up.

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