Campaign success is not decided at the time of launch. It’s what occurs before the launch is so essential. We start from Day 1 to help you navigate through the muddy waters of how to set up your company in the proper way, from funding through retaining counsel to securing intellectual property rights (patent, trademark, etc.).


Confirm corporate structure (LLC, S-Corp, etc.), state filings, EIN, CAN Spam Act, Intellectual Property (patent, trademark)


2 minute highly engaging video, focus on past performance (i.e., version 2, where possible)


Creates 3rd party credibility that brand actually exists; SEO brand name

Pre-Launch Social Media Marketing

Drive traffic to the landing page to obtain email addresses

Develop Social

Increase followers/likes


Set launch goal, and set reach goal with offerings

Source Emails

Purchase relevant email lists; validate and cull same


Schedule launch date

Preordained Pledges

Line up pledges through friends/family contact to ensure goal is reached (additional pledges if need be)

PR Web

Issue release referencing campaign

Email Campaigns

3 rounds of emails; implement plan B CRMs if barred


Pre-identify influencers and reach out to same

Post-Launch SMM

Drive traffic to KS campaign


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