PR and Branding Washington DC

PR and Branding Washington DCWhen it comes to PR and Branding, Washington DC companies should be able to understand the differences between the two, and how they can work together to bring your company the biggest benefit. A brand is what enables people to identify your company. Public relations support your brand through various planned strategies, channels and messages to reach those who may be interested in your business. To market PR and branding, Washington DC firm Matador Solutions, wants to help establish both of these separate roles and purposes, and interlink the two at the right times. Like a symbiotic relationship, each relies on the other in a successful marketing campaign.

Branding Your Business

A brand is what helps to create associations between the buyer and product or service. Branding includes your company’s name, logo, color combinations, motto and tone of voice. With PR and branding, Washington DC lawyers, doctors and other professional business owners can build a brand around things like great customer service, safety measures, proven results or affordable rates, for example.

To establish PR and branding, Washington DC agencies will be able to effectively communicate what customers think and feel when they see your logo or hear your name. Take a minute to think about some of the largest brands in the world; those like Nike, Bayer, Kleenex or YouTube. Each of these companies has built a solid brand and reputation. Most people could draw their logo or reference colors used in packaging without having to do any research. This is PR and branding Washington DC businesses can admire and look to for inspiration and ideas. It’s that good!

The Purpose of Public Relations

PR and branding in Washington DC helps people relate to and understand the company. Public Relations, or PR, is used to build and maintain the reputation of a company, make announcements and handle crisis communications. A company’s brand and image encompasses their reputation; hence both are generally included in PR, but may not be the utmost priority or focus. For example, if your company has been caught in the middle of a large scandal as a result of a third party supplier, the crisis will be the primary concern. How a Washington DC PR and branding company handles it can reflect your business’s overall reputation and ultimately, your brand.

Branding and PR

Branding and PR go hand in hand — like WIFI and a smartphone, you really need both. When you’re building your brand, your business’s mission should be considered. For example, if you are a lawyer with a goal of helping underprivileged people and minorities, your brand could reflect this value.

Every marketing effort for PR and branding Washington DC firms should be centered on the firm’s audience. Moreover, any possible hurdles or problems must be identified and solved in a timely manner to protect the reputation and brand of the company.

Marketing, advertising, web design and graphic design all have a role in PR and branding Washington DC business rely on.  The team at Matador Solutions understands how these factors tie together, and can help to set the wheels of your company’s brand in motion. If you would like to know more about our PR and branding Washington DC marketing agency, contact Matador Solutions today!


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