• Q: Do I need any prior internet or SEO knowledge before I can join?
    • A: No! A major benefit of the Consortium, and one reason why it works so well, is that we educate our members over time on the best practices of SEO. In doing so, members can recognize opportunities for site improvement on their own, within their own daily interactions; and as their site improves, so do all the other Consortium sites!
  • Q: What are the minimum requirements of becoming a member?
    • A: While SEO knowledge is not a requirement, member sites do need to meet a reasonable level of quality (i.e. site must be of a certain Domain and Page Authority, and have minimal spam issues). For more information on how your specific domain stacks up, contact Hailey Krause: hailey@matadorsolutions.net.
  • Q: What makes the Consortium a different approach to SEO and online marketing?
    • A: The Consortium is a country club meets co-op approach to SEO. Members pool funds to pay for the goods and services associated with site optimization and online marketing. This means that everything operates at cost, making the website development and optimization significantly less expensive than what an average SEO company would require. Additionally, our goal is to be transparently educational and informative about the goings-on for your site. The Consortium works best when you are well informed and understand what can be done to make your site better.
  • Q: What does the contract look like?
    • A: The contract is a single page, minimal obligation agreement that outlines the basics of the Consortium services. For more information or to review a sample agreement, please contact Hailey Krause: hailey@matadorsolutions.net
  • Q: How long is the commitment?
    • A: The commitment is only 60 days. If it’s not the right fit, you can simply leave — however, we’ve never had a member terminate because they were dissatisfied with their results!
  • Q: Do I have control my site?
    • A: Yes! You have full control of you website. Our services are on a consultative basis. Outside of maintaining our member backlinks, you can choose what suggestions are implemented. That said, because your site’s rankings affect the other sites in the Consortium, your site’s improvement is crucial to your continued membership.
  • Q: Could other members be my competitors?
    • A: No!  — at least, not without a competition waiver. We understand that a major factor in a successful SEO campaign is doing more than your competition, and doing it better than your competition. By not working with both you and your competitors (as most other SEO options will do), the Consortium actually gives you the competitive edge on the web.
  • Q: Can I delegate my membership role to my assistant/office administrator?

    • A: Because the Consortium is a team approach, it only works if you’re actually involved in the process. That’s not to say that members of your office cannot be involved as well; but you, as the decision maker, will need to have a leading role in your website’s development. Participation in the monthly review/report meetings is mandatory.
  • Q: Who implements all of the optimization and on-site changes?
    • A: While we will consult with you over every major change we suggest for your site, our Matador team will take care of all of the actual SEO and on-site implementation.
  • Q: Will I need a new website?
    • A: Not necessarily. Our only requirement is that your site be on a WordPress platform. This is simply because Google has come out and fully endorsed WordPress as being their top pick for search engine optimization. We see using WordPress as just another way to get ahead of the competition. If your site isn’t already on a WordPress platform, because of our “co-op” model, we can create a beautiful, mobil friendly site for pennies on the dollar!


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