Law Firm SEO / SEM Consortium

Law Firm SEO / SEM Consortium

Matador Solutions hosts a consortium of law firm clients with one goal in mind:  to drive traffic and clients to its members through their respective websites.  Here is some basic information about the Matador Consortium formed.


How Was The Matador Consortium Formed?

Wayne Cohen, Esq. first got involved in the internet in the mid 1990s.  This was during the first iterations of Altavista, Galaxy, and Yahoo. No, Wayne didn’t invent the internet!  But he was a very early adopter, and had the foresight to believe that over time, the internet would have the potential to become a source of new clients.  Wayne has been a national legal commentator, a past president of the AAJ, a law professor at the George Washington University School of Law, and has obtained multiple 7 and 8 figure case results over his career.  Wayne’s firm has 90+ keywords on page 1 of Google, and his firm personally controls 15 sites.  

By the mid 2000s, many of Wayne’s law firm friends and colleagues began to ask for assistance on developing their web presence. Over time, Wayne realized the benefits that all sites could add to each other, and so he formed a company to assist. That company, now named Matador Solutions, is the organization that runs the consortium.  Matador also has a private sector that represents clients in medical, accounting, and other business areas.


How Is the Matador Consortium Different Than Findlaw, Scorpion, and Other Digital Marketing Companies?

There are 2 major differences. First, the Matador Consortium does not work for any direct competitors unless there is a conflict waiver.  By contrast, other companies will work for you, and your competitors.  Think of the impact of this.  How can your vendor work for you and your competitors?  Where is your competitive advantage?  Second, all of the work of the Matador Consortium is done at cost.  This mean that your costs will be a fraction of what you would spend on another vendor.  For example, web development costs in India and Pakistan range between $5.50 and $6.50 per hour for competent developers.  These directs costs are passed through.  Domestic labor costs vary between $30 and $40 per hour, and again, and passed through.  SEO costs vary depending on the number of keywords and the number of sites optimized.


Why Is the Matador Consortium So Effective?

There are 3 variables that move the needle with SEO:  content (what you say on your site), coding (how the site is coded), and backlinking (other sites that link to your site).  Because the Matador Consortium has a sophisticated system of cross blogging, each law firm site is able to take advantage of receiving backlinks from other law firm sites.  When it comes to getting results for SEO, and ultimately clients to your site, this is the factor that sets the consortium apart from any other marketing company.  We are all in this together.


What Is the Contract Term?

The terms is 90 days floating, meaning that either side can terminate upon 90 days notice. There are no long-term contracts.  Why?  This allows you the freedom to exit the consortium if you are not happy; and it allows the consortium to terminate if you are not a good fit.  


Can the Matador Consortium Assist with Pay-Per-Click Ads? Facebook? Twitter?

Yes. The Matador Consortium can assist with all aspects of digital marketing at the same approximate costs referenced above.  


Does the Matador Consortium do website development?  

Yes, for its members, at its cost.


Does Matador Solutions Work for Other Clients?

Yes!  Matador Solutions (not Matador Consortium) works for a full array of clients in legal, medical, accounting, and small business.  


What Are My Requirements?  

You must be willing to participate in blogging and backlinking efforts.  It is also highly recommended that you personally participate in the monthly status calls.


*** Note:  The terms of this are strictly confidential. ***

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